Ethiopia Trek 2016

Northern-based hospitality industry supporters take on our toughest challenge yet

By Action Against Hunger

May 18 2016

This October a team of chefs, restaurateurs and hospitality industry experts from across the north of England will embark on a trek through the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia, in a bid to raise over £100,000 for Action Against Hunger's lifesaving programmes around the world.

A tough and challenging trek, our team will cover 80km of rocky trails and steep escarpments over four days, at altitudes of up to 4400m. Our intrepid trekkers include long term chef supporters such as Frances Atkins (Yorke Arms), Executive Head Chef of Northcote Lisa Allen, and the infamous Andrew Nutter (Nutter's) who have all previously been involved with Action Against Hunger fundraisers.

Some on the other hand are taking on their first fundraising challenge for Action Against Hunger, like Liam McKay (Chef's Table): "Since opening the restaurant two years ago my life has revolved round work meaning my fitness (amongst many other things!) has taken a back seat, so I'm really looking forward to getting back into training and to hopefully raising money and awareness to help these families. I have two kids and I can't imagine not being able to give them clean water and food to survive, it really makes you realise how lucky we are."

'I never forget how lucky I am to live in the UK'

Critic Ruth Allan (Manchester Wire) has supported Action Against Hunger for several years as a critic cooking in our annual Manchester event Too Many Critics but this will be the first time that she has taken on a physical challenge to raise funds: "I grew up in Africa during the war in Somalia, and later, in Uganda, and saw first-hand the effects that conflict and hunger can have on populations. Living in Manchester today, with my twin toddlers and a teenager, I never forget how lucky I am to live in the UK and have access to food, medicine, clean water and opportunities for employment. So when I got asked to take part in this challenge, I felt that I could not say no. It's a way of giving a tiny something back to the continent that gave me an incredible childhood and made me realise how you can never take living in peace with enough to eat and drink for granted. I can't think of a more important cause to support."

You can support Ruth, Liam and the team in their fundraising efforts today by visiting the team fundraising page and making a donation towards their target. Every donation is hugely appreciated and will help to provide healthier futures for malnourished children and their families around the world.