A woman works in a field in India.


Our programmes focus on tackling nutrition and improving water, sanitation and hygiene.

We work in eight countries across Asia.

We support a diverse range of communities from Afghanistan to the Philippines, but climate change and natural disasters have a huge impact across the world’s largest continent.


A girl being screened for malnutrition at an Action Against Hunger project in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan has faced extreme levels of chronic insecurity, internal displacement and widespread poverty.


Humaira, a woman supported by Action Against Hunger at a treatment centre in Bangladesh,

This low-lying country is extremely vulnerable to climate disasters and hosts a large number of refugees from neighbouring countries.


A woman tends to her crops in Cambodia.

Deforestation, climate change and high levels of malnutrition are just some of the challenges facing this Southeast Asian country.


A mum and their son at an Action Against Hunger project in Baran, India.

Although food security is improving, the world’s largest democracy still has a lot to do to tackle its high malnutrition levels.


A Rohingya refugee carrying logs.

Despite the complex humanitarian situation in Myanmar, we continue to provide life-saving nutrition programmes.


A woman works in a field near an Action Against Hunger project in Nepal.

Nepal suffers from a range of development and humanitarian challenges – from poverty to widespread undernutrition.


Dr Sohni, an Action Against Hunger member of staff in Pakistan.

Pakistan has South Asia’s second largest economy, but inequality, climate change and conflict have limited its development.


A family in the Philippines.

Ongoing armed violence and natural disasters have a devastating impact on vulnerable communities.