An Action Against Hunger member of staff in Jordan.

Middle East and Europe

We support refugees and host communities across the region.

We work in seven countries across the Middle East and Europe.

We continue to provide support for people affected by the humanitarian crises in Yemen and Syria, as well as the long-standing complex emergencies in Palestine and Iraq.

YemenA girl supported by Action Against Hunger in Yemen.

Key countryYemen

Families living in war-torn Yemen are facing the world's worst humanitarian crisis in decades.

Helping war-torn communities


A girl supported by Action Against Hunger in Iraq.

Millions of people who have had no choice but to flee their homes in Iraq still need humanitarian assistance.


A group of Syrian refugee children in Jordan.

The ongoing influx of refugees is putting Jordan’s economy and infrastructure under increased pressure.


Two woman walk past a cow at an Action Against Hunger project in Georgia.

The unresolved situations in Abkhazia and South Ossetia still cause social tension between communities.


A Syrian refugee girl in Lebanon.

The Syrian crisis and influx of refugees continues to generate political, social and economic pressure in Lebanon.

Occupied Palestinian Territory

Girls sat on a donkey at an Action Against Hunger project in Occupied Palestinian Territory.

The humanitarian need in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem is still growing.


Syrian refugee children.

The ongoing conflict has shattered the country’s infrastructure, forcing millions to leave their homes.