Ousmane and Aminata have gone to pick up the Pumply Nut in Mauritania


For decades, Mauritania has been battling with high rates of chronic malnutrition, issues around access to basic sanitation and vulnerabilities to natural disasters.

Vulnerable communities continue to face the challenges of constant drought in the country.

The prolonged drought is exhausting pastures. The country is heavily dependent on grazing, and life for cattle farmers is becoming increasingly difficult. Food insecurity is a major cause for concern in the South of the country.


Country facts

  • 4.4m

    Mauritania has a population of 4.4 million people.

  • 161

    The country is ranked 161st out of 189 countries in the Human Development Index.

  • 3rd

    For the third consecutive year, populations continue to face a challenging situation due to scarce rainfall.

Action Against Hunger’s work in Mauritania

We’re responding to the most vulnerable communities who have been affected by the devastating drought in the country. Due to long periods of scarce rainfall, reoccurring each year, our teams have put in place early warning mechanisms. We’ve reinforced our teams presence in the East of the country, where we have identified an increased need for support.

Our reach

  • 341,056

    We reached more than 341,056 people in Mauritania through our programmes in 2019.

  • 203

    We have 203 staff based in Selibaby, Bassikounon, Gorgol, Nouakchot.

  • 2007

    We started working in Mauritania in 2007

Woman hugging her daughter in Mauritania

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