A woman carries their child at an Action Against Hunger project in Ethiopia.

East Africa

Our programmes here help communities adapt to climate change.

We work in seven countries across East Africa.

Climate change has a huge impact here, with recurring droughts and flooding having a devastating effect on harvests. A swarm of locusts is also surging through the region, with communities in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan and Uganda fighting to save their crops from locusts devouring entire fields.

TanzaniaFour-year-old Rodrick and his family in Tanzania. Action Against Hunger helped Rodrick recover from malnutrition.

Key countryTanzania

In recent decades peace and stability has enabled economic growth, but despite progress malnutrition is still common.

Improving nutrition


Baby being carried on mothers back with ready-to-use therapeutic food.

Extreme weather patterns, locust swarms and epidemics have increased the humanitarian need in the country.


Two women at an Action Against Hunger project in Kenya.

We work to improve the East African country’s healthcare system and provide life-saving nutrition programmes.


A child being treated for malnutrition in Mali.

One of the world's poorest countries, three-quarters of the population lives on less than £1.50 a day.


A woman washes her hands at an Action Against Hunger health centre in Somalia.

Somalia is experiencing a prolonged and complex crisis characterised by conflict, displacement, drought and disease.


Action Against Hunger staff member helps to set up a water tree in Uganda.

Home to over a million refugees from neighbouring countries, Uganda continues to struggle with slow economic growth.


A group of women at an Action Against Hunger programmes in Zimbabwe.

High rates of malnutrition, alarming numbers of HIV and AIDS cases and frequent cholera outbreaks are huge humanitarian challenges.