Action Against Hunger staff build water trees in Uganda.


Home to over a million refugees from neighbouring countries, Uganda continues to struggle with slow economic growth.

Uganda suffers from high rates of malnutrition due to poor diets, inadequate sanitation and hygiene, and a lack of awareness on proper infant care and feeding practices.

Hunger is also a major issue in the north of the country, partly as a result of lingering instability of a two-decade-old struggle against the Lord’s Resistance Army – a violent opposition group that terrorised the region.

The Ugandan government has continued its commitment to support refugees, allowing them to settle, allocating them a plot of land and allowing for their freedom of movement. The majority of the 1.4 million refugees currently living in Uganda are escaping conflict in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan.

This policy gives Action Against Hunger an unique opportunity to introduce sustainable projects for people affected by a large-scale humanitarian crisis.

Nevertheless, the sheer number of refugees who have fled into Uganda has strained the country’s services and resources.

Country facts

  • 42.7m

    Uganda has a population of more than 40 million people.

  • 159

    Uganda ranks 159th out of 189 countries in the Human Development Index.

  • 28.9%

    Almost 30% of children under five in Uganda suffer from malnutrition.

Action Against Hunger’s work in Uganda

Our innovative programmes help address both the causes and effects of malnutrition in the long term.

As we’re the key partner of the UN’s World Food Programme in the country, Action Against Hunger is the main provider of nutrition programmes in Uganda.

Our team has also invested in the use of digital tools and data-driven optimisation to help farmers increase food production and adapt to climate change.

Other programmes in Uganda include:

  • water, sanitation and hygiene projects
  • increasing access to food and improving livelihoods
  • working with the Prime Minister’s office to adapt our programmes to the needs of refugees
  • introducing a new initiative to modify our programmes based on the skills, assets, health and financial status of our beneficiaries

Our reach

  • 153,888

    We reached more than 150,000 people through our programmes in Uganda in 2019.

  • 224

    We have 224 staff based in Kampala, Adjumani, Kiryandongo, Yumbe and Kyanwai.

  • 1995

    We've been working in Uganda since 1995.

An Action Against Hunger treatment centre in Uganda.

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DR Congo

A woman and a child at an Action Against Hunger project in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Years of armed conflicts, particularly in the eastern provinces, have left the country facing extreme poverty.


Two women at an Action Against Hunger project in Kenya.

We work to improve the East African country’s healthcare system and provide life-saving nutrition programmes.


Four-year-old Rodrick and his family in Tanzania. Action Against Hunger helped Rodrick recover from malnutrition.

In recent decades peace and stability has enabled economic growth, but despite progress malnutrition is still common.