Children playing in Nicaragua


For decades, Nicaragua has been battling with high rates of chronic malnutrition, issues around access to basic sanitation and vulnerabilities to natural disasters.

Nicaragua remains vulnerable to economic, environmental and climate shocks. These factors have left the political situation unstable.

The Central American country’s socio-political crisis, which began in April 2018, has affected the livelihoods of a large proportion of the population and contributed to the forced and mass migration of young people.

In recent years, Central America has experienced constant changing weather patterns. Periods of drought have had devastating effects on food and nutrition security and access to water.

Country facts

  • 6.5m

    Nicaragua has a population of 6.5 million people.

  • 126

    The country is ranked 126th out of 189 countries in the Human Development Index.

  • 2019

    Nicaragua has remained vulnerable to socioeconomic, environmental, and climate shocks since 2019

Action Against Hunger’s work in Nicaragua

In Nicaragua, we’re setting up programmes focused on food security, nutrition, health, water, and other basic services.

The main challenges faced by our teams are the restrictions to humanitarian access that exist in the country, and ensuring we meet the needs of vulnerable communities.

The impact of Covid-19 in Nicaragua

Across Central America, Covid-19 cases are increasing, and the consequences are hitting the most vulnerable populations hard. Hospitals are unable to cope with the increasing number of cases.

Our response to Covid-19 in Nicaragua

Our coronavirus response in Central America includes our teams distributing and providing disinfection and hygiene kits. We are also training health facilities in disinfection, care, and prevention protocols.

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