Our advocacy work

We demand that government officials and MPs do more to end hunger. We campaign. We advise. We provide expert insight. And, with our campaigners across the UK, we make a difference.

We advocate for an end to world hunger.

Our work on programmes across the world – including the UK – is bolstered by our advocacy work here in the UK.

We regularly meet with government officials and MPs to discuss some of the biggest challenges our work faces. We provide data to drive change. And we advise on policy recommendations.

We bring together research and insights from across our global network. We take part in global processes like COP and other United Nations gatherings. We make sure that hunger stays on the agenda.

We are advocates. We are campaigners. And with our supporters, we will end hunger.

An Action Against Hunger supporter at 10 Downing Street.

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How we’re making a difference

Our advocacy team works tirelessly to make sure officials step up to the plate and end global hunger.

Calling for action

In March 2024, with our allies we brought together over 100 campaigners from across the UK to speak with their MPs and share their concerns about the situation in Gaza. Together we called for an immediate and permanent ceasefire.

Briefing parliament

In January 2024, we provided oral evidence to the International Development Committee’s enquiry into the UK’s progress on ending hunger worldwide. Our country directory for the Democratic Republic of the Congo spoke directly to parliamentarians about the need for the UK to step up to the plate and do more to end hunger and malnutrition.

In May 2024, we brought together a cross-party group of parliamentarians to brief them on how the UK can do more to address and prevent conflict-induced hunger.

Driving debate

Conflict is the biggest single cause of hunger in the world. In the worst cases, it can lead to people starving. In May 2024, we secured a debate in the House of Lords on conflict-induced food security.

Building expertise

Between July 2023 and January 2024, we joined with our partners to bring together civil society organisations, UN agencies and government representatives to discuss challenges and solutions to addressing conflict-induced hunger across multiple regions around the world.

The one-day dialogues were held in Nairobi, Panama and Dakar, with a further online event to address the Middle East context.

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Our work to end hunger around the world


South Sudanese refugees supported by an Action Against Hunger member of staff.

Armed conflict is the biggest single cause of hunger in the world today. In the worst-case scenarios, people can starve. Our teams and partners work in the world's most dangerous places to reach people in need.

Climate crisis

Gai tries to spear fish after his village in South Sudan is flooded.

Rising temperatures and extreme weather are having a huge impact on people who already live in some of the toughest places on earth. We're helping communities prepare for crises and build resilience – and we're ready to step in with emergency help when needed.


An Action Against Hunger staff member screens a child for malnutrition in Mali.

A well-nourished, healthy, thriving person is good for their family, their community and their whole economy. We prevent, detect and treat malnutrition. We test innovative approaches so that everyone affected by hunger can receive the care they need.