A new approach for tackling child hunger in Mali enables children to grow up strong, Action Against Hunger

When good nutrition transforms lives...

Together with the innocent foundation, we are revolutionising the way malnourished children are diagnosed and treated. Find out how access to healthcare has transformed families' lives.

What you can do

There are many ways you can support Action Against Hunger. We need your support to provide children with the nutrition and care they need to have a brighter, healthier future

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Help transform lives and provide children with healthier futures

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Who we are

In 2015, we helped 14.9 million people around the world

Where we work

From South Sudan to Nepal, we provide families with access to good nutrition


A lifeline for children in Mali, Action Against Hunger

Yemen Emergency

Hundreds of thousands of children are suffering from life-threatening malnutrition. We urgently need your help to save lives.

Nigeria emergency, Action Against Hunger

Nigeria emergency

An extreme hunger crisis has surged behind the frontlines of fighting in northeast Nigeria. We're there, saving lives.

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How we spent your money 2015

In 2015, 87 pence in every £1 went towards our charitable activities. We make sure every penny counts towards making a difference to the lives of malnourished children