A woman works on a farm in Peru.

Latin America and the Caribbean

Poverty and climate change have a huge impact on vulnerable communities.

We work in five countries across Latin America and the Caribbean.

The humanitarian situation in Venezuela is having a knock-on effect on other countries in South America, with migrants flowing into Colombia and Peru.

In Central America, environmental and climate shocks have led to greater political insecurity and instability.

Haiti is the poorest country in the region, with more than 3 million Haitians struggling to access a regular, healthy diet.

ColombiaMan standing in fields holding up crops that have died.

Key countryColombia

Years of violence and conflict have displaced rural communities in this South American country, causing multiple humanitarian crises.

Improving livelihoods


A woman tends to her fields at an Action Against Hunger project in Guatemala.

Poverty, unemployment and climate change are having a devastating impact on vulnerable communities.


A child is screened for malnutrition using a MUAC band at an Action Against Hunger treatment centre in Haiti.

Natural disasters, political insecurity and a lack of food have a huge impact on poor and vulnerable communities.


Children playing in Nicaragua.

For decades, Nicaragua has been battling with high rates of chronic malnutrition and the impacts of climate change.


A child in a garden project supported by Action Against Hunger in Puno, Peru.

Despite strong economic growth during recent years, the gap in wealth between urban and rural areas of Peru is growing.