Dr Sohni, an Action Against Hunger staff member in Pakistan.


In a country highly impacted by the climate crisis, undernutrition is still a major concern.

Pakistan has South Asia’s second largest economy, but inequality, poverty, conflict and limited access to basic social services have limited its development.

As well as being frequently affected by natural disasters, the country is also vulnerable to the climate crisis. The Covid-19 pandemic has made matters worse – with lockdown measures limiting people’s ability to move and work. The food supply chain has also been strained because of restricted access to markets and employment opportunities in farming.


Country facts

  • 1,256,731

    Action Against Hunger's programmes in Pakistan reached over 1.2 million people in 2020.

  • 216.6M

    Pakistan has a population of over 200 million people.

  • 37.6%

    Almost 40% of Pakistani children under five suffer from malnutrition

Ayesha is an Action Against Hunger member of staff in Pakistan.

Treating hunger in a pandemic

How health workers like Dr Ayesha Aziz in Pakistan have been treating children with life-threatening hunger during the coronavirus crisis.

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A participant at a farmer field school in Pakistan.

Growing healthy food to fight hunger

How we’re supporting communities in Pakistan to get the nutrients they need to maintain healthy diets.

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Action Against Hunger’s work in Pakistan

Action Against Hunger has been working in Pakistan since 2011. Our programmes include:

  • food security and livelihoods programmes and water, sanitation and hygiene projects in the areas most affected by natural disasters and Covid-19
  • promoting sustainability and the growth of crops resilient to climate change
  • training farmers to improve their employment opportunities
  • supporting the healthcare system in their response to Covid-19
  • continuing to provide nutrition services during the pandemic
A woman and her child at an Action Against Hunger project in Sindh province, Pakistan.

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Humaira, a woman supported by Action Against Hunger at a treatment centre in Bangladesh,

This low-lying country is extremely vulnerable to climate disasters and hosts a large number of refugees from neighbouring countries.


A mum and their son at an Action Against Hunger project in Baran, India.

Although food security is improving, the world’s largest democracy still has a lot to do to tackle its high malnutrition levels.