Complaints policy

We’re committed to delivering a high standard of service to anyone who engages with our work.

We’re keen to hear from anyone who believes we have fallen short of the high standards we set ourselves.

Fundraising complaints

We always aim to fundraising in a compliant, ethical and respectful manner at all times. If you have a complaint about any aspect of our fundraising – including our lottery – please let us know using the methods below.

Written complaints 

You can send a letter to Action Against Hunger, 6 Mitre Passage, London SE10 0ER, or email us at [email protected].

Verbal complaints

You can call us on 0208 853 7577 or talk to any of Action Against Hunger’s staff at our office or at any of our events or activities.

Charity Commission

You can complain to the Charity Commission at any stage.

Information about the kind of complaints the Commission can involve itself in can be found on their website.

What happens next

We’ll acknowledge and provide an initial response to your feedback within ten working days. While we expect to be able to resolve most complaints within that timeframe, if we need to conduct a more in-depth investigation, we’ll aim to provide you with a full response within 20 working days. If we’re unable to meet that deadline due to exceptional circumstances, we’ll let you know.

If you are not happy with the response you receive, you can escalate your concerns to Matt Cassini, Head of Public Engagement by email, who will consider the matter in more detail.

If your complaint is about our fundraising activities and we are unable to resolve it to your satisfaction, you can contact the Fundraising Preference Service (FPS).

Action Against Hunger are a member of the Fundraising Regulator who manages the FPS and we agree to abide by its decisions.

If you need advice, or are unable to complain in writing for any reason, you can contact the Fundraising Regulator by phone on 0300 999 3407.

Complaints about our programme work

We pride ourselves on our honesty, integrity and high professional standards in everything we do to deliver services to communities around the world and engage with local partners.

We adhere to the nine commitments of the Core Humanitarian Standard on quality and accountability.

However, if we don’t live up to these commitments and our usual high standards then you have the right to complain. You can report problems if you’re unhappy with the support we provide or the way our staff treat you. No one should harm you if you make a report and we will always take action in response to complaints.

Action Against Hunger country offices and programmes

Our country offices and programmes have feedback and complaints processes in place, and you can report to them in person or in writing. If you don’t know how to report to them, ask a member of staff or reach out to the contact email address. You can remain anonymous and ask your report to remain confidential.

Action Against Hunger UK

If you wish to direct your report to Action Against Hunger UK, you can contact our Executive Director, Jean-Michel Grand, the Director of Human Resources, Maria Franklin and the Chair of the Board of Trustees through this email address: [email protected].

You will be kept informed at reasonable intervals on the progress of the response, including whether there is a need for an investigation and any outcomes or further action. Anyone involved in the investigation will be informed on a strict need-to-know basis. To not jeopardise the investigation into the alleged malpractice, you will also be expected to keep the fact that you have raised a concern, the nature of the concern and the identity of those involved confidential.

If you have reason to be unhappy with the progress of any investigation or the manner in which the matter has been resolved, you should then refer the matter to our Chairman or the Board of Trustees of Action Against Hunger UK if the Chairman is carrying out the investigation. The Chairman or Board of Trustees of Action Against Hunger UK will then launch a further investigation and we will notify you of the result as soon as possible.