Meet the communities Action Against Hunger supports around the world and the inspiring staff who are transforming lives.

8 crops endangered by climate change

From staple crops like potatoes and maize, to cash crops for wealthier customers like cocoa and coffee, climate change is having a widespread impact on global agricultural production.

Turkey and Syria: a long road to recovery

The devastating earthquakes that struck Syria and Turkey in February 2023 killed over 50,000 people and left millions homeless . Six months later, we’re still providing life-saving support to those affected by the disaster.


Parents dream of peace in Yemen

Yemen is in the midst of a humanitarian crisis. Millions of people are in need of food, water, healthcare, and shelter. Children are particularly vulnerable. Action Against Hunger is working there to help.

Six weeks to save a life: Dieubéni’s story

Dieubéni, a boy from Central African Republic who recovered from malnutrition thanks to Action Against Hunger.

Four-year-old Dieubéni and his grandma Jeannette live in the Central African Republic, where hunger too often claims the lives of young children. But if malnutrition is treated fast, children like Dieubéni have a chance of a healthy future.

War in Ukraine: one year on

Ruslava and her son Vova at the refugee dignity centre supported by Action Against Hunger in Chisinau, Moldova.

Since the conflict started, Action Against Hunger has supported more than 650,000 people in Ukraine and neighbouring countries.