Communities in West Pokot, Kenya, received 17 sheep from Action Against Hunger.


We work to improve the country’s healthcare system and provide life-saving nutrition programmes.

Kenya has the largest economy in East Africa thanks to its strong agricultural sector. However, the distribution of wealth is unequal with around half the country’s population living below poverty line.

Communities living in drier regions face immense challenges, including drought, hunger, malnutrition and poverty.

Extreme weather caused by climate change and food shortages have also made the public health situation in Kenya worse, putting the lives and livelihoods of millions of people at risk.

Country facts

  • 51.4m

    More than 50 million people live in Kenya.

  • 147

    Kenya is 147th out of 189 countries in the Human Development Index.

  • 26.2%

    More than a quarter of Kenyan children under five suffer from malnutrition.

Action Against Hunger’s work in Kenya

Our teams in Kenya work to address the underlying causes of malnutrition, including poor care and nutrition for children under five.

Our programmes include:

  • improving access to food, water and safe toilets in areas affected by drought
  • working with local governments to improve the quality of healthcare
  • life-saving health and nutrition programmes for refugees from neighbouring countries, including Somalia
  • training community health workers to treat common illness and provide care in areas affected by malnutrition
  • emergency response programmes in West Pokot and Mandera County, focusing on nutrition, livelihoods and water, sanitation and hygiene
Locusts surge through East AfricaA man runs through a swarm of locusts in Kenya.

Locusts surge through East Africa

Communities in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan and Uganda are fighting to save their crops from locusts devouring entire fields.

The impact on communities

Our reach

  • 2m

    We reached 2 million people through our programmes in 2019.

  • 43

    We have 43 staff based in in West Pokot, Isiolo, Mandera and Samburu.

  • 2006

    We started working in Kenya in 2006.

Save lives todayElizabeth and her daughter Evelyn in Isiolo, Kenya. They received support from Action Against Hunger.

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A woman washes her hands at an Action Against Hunger health centre in Somalia.

Somalia is experiencing a prolonged and complex crisis characterised by conflict, displacement, drought and disease.


Four-year-old Rodrick and his family in Tanzania. Action Against Hunger helped Rodrick recover from malnutrition.

In recent decades peace and stability has enabled economic growth, but despite progress malnutrition is still common.


Action Against Hunger staff member helps to set up a water tree in Uganda.

Home to over a million refugees from neighbouring countries, Uganda continues to struggle with slow economic growth.