An Action Against Hunger worker at the De Martini quarantine hospital in Mogadishu, Somalia.


We carry out out life-saving prevention work and provides treatment to those affected by Covid-19.

Covid-19 has made the world’s poorest people poorer.

It sent shockwaves through economies, so millions can’t afford decent food to eat.

What’s the solution?

We support health systems and provide life-saving assistance. We got quarantine facilities and treatment hospitals up and running when health facilities became overwhelmed.

We deliver PPE and other resources to those in need. We spread awareness about the virus and team up with local governments to combat the pandemic.

Covid-19 vaccinations

We stop the spread of the virus in its tracks through vaccines. Today, only 1 in 5 people in Africa are fully vaccinated. We want to change that. As a trusted healthcare provider, we’re working hard to get vaccines to those in need.

People in South Sudan show their proof of vaccination cards

Supporting the vaccine rollout in Africa

Action Against Hunger is getting Covid-19 vaccines to the people who need it most in Somalia, South Sudan, Madagascar and Zimbabwe.

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Why good nutrition is important to help save lives from Covid-19

A well-nourished, healthy person is less likely to become ill. While many people across the world are still waiting for the vaccine, a strong immune system is often people’s first line of defence.

And this eases the pressure on a country’s health system. It helps people to be prepared for Covid-19 and future disease outbreaks.

How we're responding to coronavirus

Covid-19 is going to have a catastrophic impact on the world's most vulnerable people. That’s why our teams are working hard to help communities respond to the virus.


Action Against Hunger staff at De Martini hospital, the only quarantine centre in Mogadishu, Somalia.

Coronavirus has created a perfect storm in Somalia’s humanitarian crisis. Our teams are helping to save lives at the first quarantine centre in the country’s capital Mogadishu.

South Sudan

Tondrua is an Action Against Hunger volunteer in South Sudan.

As South Sudan remains vulnerable to coronavirus, our Covid-19 hero Tondrua continues to raise awareness about the disease among his community.


Bahaa, an Action Against Hunger member of staff in Yemen.

Years of conflict and fighting make countries like Yemen more vulnerable to diseases like coronavirus. Our teams are providing life-saving aid.

Volunteer at a community store run by Evelyn Community Store and Action Against Hunger partner Lewisham Homes

United Kingdom

The pandemic propelled the UK into an unprecedented hunger crisis. We’ve supported our local partners to expand their programmes to tackle growing food poverty in areas with some of the highest rates of child poverty.

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Why hunger?


South Sudanese refugees supported by an Action Against Hunger member of staff.

Most people facing hunger and malnutrition in the world today can be found in countries affected by conflict.

Climate crisis

Gai tries to spear fish after his village in South Sudan is flooded.

Rising temperatures and extreme weather will have a huge impact on already vulnerable communities.


A group of women supported by Action Against Hunger in Ethiopia.

Hunger affects everyone differently. But around the world, women and girls are most at risk of becoming malnourished.