Palestinian children sitting together on a mule

Occupied Palestinian Territory

Ongoing tensions and conflict are having a damaging impact on the lives of Palestinian families.

The humanitarian need among Palestinian populations in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem is continuously growing.

The blockade on Gaza and the internal political divisions between the West Bank and Gaza administrations is also a cause for serious concern for Palestinians. Severe trade restrictions have also had a devastating impact on local livelihoods and economic opportunities. Sanitation conditions and household food consumption have also been badly affected, leaving families even more at risk.

Humanitarian aid has become increasingly difficult with the Israeli government prohibiting the import of specific humanitarian items into Gaza. Hamas has also imposed restrictions on humanitarian operations within the strip.

The 2019 Israeli election led to a paralysis due to the failure to form a majority government. This further adds to the unstable political tension. Armed confrontations between Gaza and Israel have been escalating.

The blockade and thorough checks on the mission and its activities by the de facto authority in Gaza has led to a restriction of movement. These blockades continue to affect our mission in Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) today.

Our reach

  • 144,878

    We reached almost 150,000 people through our programmes in OPT in 2019.

  • 67

    We have 67 staff based in Gaza, Hebron and Jerusalem.

  • 2002

    We started working in OPT in 2002.

Action Against Hunger’s work in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Our programmes focus on:

  • protecting communities from forcible transfer
  • protecting and restoring livelihoods
  • providing highly vulnerable communities with immediate access to water
  • providing immediate cash assistance
  • supporting business entrepreneurship projects
  • promoting the economic empowerment of women
  • producing a rainwater master plan for Gaza
Save lives todayPalestinian children sitting on a wall in a desert

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