Meet the communities Action Against Hunger supports around the world and the inspiring staff who are transforming lives.


Khadija and Fatime's story

When her granddaughter Fatime became critically ill, Khadija feared for the worst. But after receiving treatment at an Action Against Hunger health centre, Fatime is now healthy again and looking forward to a brighter future.


Ousmane’s first victory

Ousmane who was treated with Pumply Nut

Ousmane's story is one of triumph and hope over sickness and life-threatening hunger in drought-affected Mauritania.


A strong start for Bhumika

Bhumika receiving treatment in India supported by Action Against Hunger

After visiting one of our malnutrition treatment centres in Baran, northern India, three-year-old Bhumika now has the chance to go on to live a full, happy and productive life.


The Hawa effect

Hawa is a community health worker in Mali

The women who are being empowered to become community health workers, and how they are key to the fight against hunger.