The number of civilian victims continues to rise. And the violence doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. A catastrophic humanitarian crisis is unfolding before us.

The blockade of Gaza is restricting access to water, food, fuel and medicine – making the situation even worse for the civilian population. Without fuel, Gaza’s sole power station has completely shut down. Very soon, hospitals will run out of power.

The UN estimates that more than 1 million people have been internally displaced in Gaza. With all border crossings closed or destroyed, there’s no escape.

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The crisis in Gaza

  • 2.2M

    2.2 million people live in Gaza – making it one of the most densely populated areas on earth.

  • 1M

    According to the UN, more than 1 million people have been internally displaced because their homes have been destroyed.

  • 2417

    The UN Security Council's Resolution 2417 condemns the use of hunger as a weapon of war.

How is Action Against Hunger responding?

We’re working with suppliers who still have stock inside Gaza to urgently distribute basic short-term supplies such as water, food, hygiene products, nappies, blankets and mattresses. We’re also providing a cleaning service at one of the displacement shelters and have given emergency cash to families so they can buy essentials.

We’ve been working in Gaza since 2005 and in the West Bank since 2002. While our long-term programmes have been temporarily suspended to protect our staff and their families, our teams are ready to resume our humanitarian work as soon as it is safe to do so.

Our programmes in the Occupied Palestinian Territory include:

  • entrepreneurship and economic empowerment for women and young people
  • providing clean water, safe toilets and good hygiene – including in healthcare facilities
  • providing cash so people can buy what they need

In 2022, our work reached 806,142 people in Gaza and the West Bank.

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Thousands of lives are at risk as violence escalates in Gaza.

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Please note: Your donation will help protect vulnerable communities in Gaza. Any funds raised over and above the needs of these programmes will go to our life-saving work and used where help is needed most.

Photo credit: Mahmud HAMS/AP

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A boy is screened for malnutrition at an Action Against Hunger treatment centre in Mali.

We save the lives of malnourished children and support their families to beat hunger.

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An Action Against Hunger health worker in Mali.

At all times, our aim is to save the lives of vulnerable people affected by hunger.