A girl eating food at an Action Against Hunger project in Guatemala.

Love Food Give Food

Bringing together businesses and their customers from across the food and hospitality industry to take action against hunger.

Food is a human right but the fight to end hunger has never been harder. Right now, there are 11 million children around the world at risk of life-threatening hunger.

Action Against Hunger supports mothers who often stand as the frontline defence in their children’s fight against malnutrition. We know that mums will go to enormous lengths to provide food for their families. But sometimes the odds against them can be stacked very high.

Together, through our shared love of food, we can fight the hunger crisis and help vulnerable communities to build a brighter future. We know what we can achieve when we act together. In the last 20 years, our food and hospitality partners have raised over £11 million to help us treat severely malnourished children.

Just £1 can provide a mother with a day’s worth of life saving therapeutic food to treat a malnourished child. In September and October, you can raise lifesaving funds by simply adding a voluntary £1 donation to your customers’ bills.

With enough £1s, we can save lives and ensure children around the world grow up healthy.

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Our impact

  • 17m

    We helped 17 million people through our programmes in 2019.

  • 91p

    For every £1 raised, 91p goes directly to our charitable activities.

  • 46

    We fight hunger and malnutrition in 46 countries around the world.

Five reasons to take part

  1. Strengthen your team by uniting behind a life-saving cause
  2. Simple to run with no cost to your business
  3. Communicate your business values to customers and improve brand loyalty
  4. Join a movement with likeminded businesses
  5. Play a leading role in the fight against hunger

Will and Huw from Hawksmoor.

“Love Food Give Food is one of the high points of our year. Part of the reason we’re in business is to be able to make a difference in ways like this, and I hope it’s also part of why staff and customers have grown to love Hawksmoor.”

Will and Huw, owners of Hawksmoor restaurants
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Take part in this year's Love Food Give Food to help children around the world grow up healthy.

Take part in the campaign

Five steps to take part

1. Sign up

Register your interest now to take action against hunger.

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2. Let your team know

Our team will support you with regular communications for employees to involve them in the campaign, including instructions on configuring ePOS systems to add the £1 donation.

3. Communicate to customers

You’ll receive a digital marketing toolkit and promotional materials to let customers know you’re taking part in the campaign and ways they can get involved.

4. Come together on World Food Day

World Food Day is a day for collective action against hunger. Come together on Saturday 16 October with other Love Food Give Food partners and our chef ambassadors to raise awareness of the struggle many mothers around the world are facing to ensure their children grow up happy and healthy.

You can do this by asking your head chef to share a recipe inspired by their mum or their childhood in a cooking demonstration on your Instagram channel. We’ll provide a full toolkit and instructions on how to take part.

 5. Watch the £1s add up

On average, a restaurant will typically raise between £800 to £1,300 in two months. By working together, we could save thousands of lives by providing lifesaving food.

Frequently asked questionsLove food give food dishes

Frequently asked questions

Learn more about the campaign and how you can join the movement to end child hunger.

Your questions answered

Food and hospitality companies, will you take action against hunger?

Join hundreds of restaurants, food brands, retailers and drinks brands. There are so many ways you can take part. Get in touch with our friendly Partnerships team for more information.

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Corporate partnerships

A woman and her child in Mali. They've been supported by Action Against Hunger's community health workers.

We work with a range of organisations in a variety of ways, but all our partners share our vision of a world free from hunger.

Fundraise with us

Action Against Hunger fundraisers at Taste of London event

Take part in one of our exciting challenges or organise your own fundraising activity to fight hunger around the world.

Ways to give

Syrian refugees planting seeds

There are lots of ways to support our work, including leaving a gift in your will or donating through your payroll.