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D&D London wins lifetime achievement award

Loyal supporters D&D London were recently presented with a lifetime achievement award for their support of Action Against Hunger.

By Action Against Hunger

Apr 5 2016

At our recent Love Food Give Food celebration event at D&D London’s newest venue 100 Wardour St, we presented them with a lifetime achievement award. They have supported Action Against Hunger since we started working with the restaurant industry 18 years ago – raising over £250,000 so far.

We spoke to David Loewi, MD of D&D London, to find out more about their involvement with Action Against Hunger.

1)      Where does your love of food come from?

I was brought up with wonderful food, my mother a top Lausanne award winning chef   -  my father from Germany, where food is central to the culture.  I started my career in the industry working as a chef, and have always had a passion for the restaurant and hotel business.

2)      What has been the most rewarding part of seeing D&D London grow and expand?

Continuing the vision of taking buildings, empty spaces like the German Gymnasium and breathing life into them while turning them into vibrant, exciting new restaurants, offering high quality food and engaging service. I get truly excited about creating new career opportunities for young people, allowing them to grow and develop within our international business.

3)      D&D London have supported Action Against Hunger for well over a decade, what first interested you in supporting the organisation?

Both our organisations are food-centric, yet in different ways. It feels only natural for D&D to support the work of a dynamic and high profile charity, committed to saving the lives of children and their families by providing access to nutritious food and clean drinking water.

4)      What do your restaurant teams enjoy about being involved in the Love Food Give Food campaign?

We all enjoy getting involved with the Action Against Hunger team whose drive and resolve sets an example for all of us. It’s always an exciting time of the year when the Love Food Give Food campaign kicks off. The majority of our restaurants take part and there is a real sense of commitment for what LFGF stands for and, most importantly, hitting fundraising targets. It’s a great feeling to know we are doing our best to make a difference.

5)      What would you say to encourage other restaurateurs to get involved with Action Against Hunger?

Action Against Hunger offer plenty of ways for restaurants to sponsor charitable causes and projects. The team go out of their way to create initiatives that are very easy to activate so, really, there are no excuses! 


Mickael Weiss collects the Lifetime Supporter Award on behalf of D&D London


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