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Famine: Better Prevention, Better Response

Feb 23 2018


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Famine: Better Prevention, Better Response

A year ago the United Nations made a call to action on famine in response to escalating hunger and malnutrition around the world. On the anniversary of this call, Action Against Hunger the Norwiegan Refugee Council, Oxfam and Save the Children have produced a briefing which updates on the current situation in the four countries highlighted by the UN (Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and North east Nigeria). It  also sets out seven key recommendations to the UK government on how to respond to and prevent hunger.


On responding to hunger

  • Safeguard humanitarian access
  • Uphold international humanitarian law and human rights law
  • Anticipate disasters to drive a more effective humanitarian response
  • Support displaced populations


On preventing hunger

  • Tackle the underlying drivers of risk and vulnerability
  • Invest in resilience and preparedness
  • End conflict, build peace, and increase accountability for famine and extreme hunger


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Donate to the children in conflict appeal

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