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Love Food Give Food: Frequently asked questions

Learn more about the campaign and how you can join the movement to end child hunger.

Q. When does the campaign take place?

A. The campaign starts on Wednesday 1 September and runs until Sunday 31 October.

Q. Is there a minimum commitment?

A. There isn’t a minimum commitment, however we do ask by signing up you are committing to run the campaign unless you’re unable to because of forced closures. If you choose not to run the campaign, we’d appreciate a donation to cover our expenses.

Q. What companies have taken part before?

A. Love Food Give Food has been supported by a wide variety of independent restaurants, groups, pubs, hotels and local cafés. Our supporters include:

  • Michelin Star restaurants like Angela Hartnett’s Murano and Jun Tanaka’s The Ninth
  • large restaurant groups like Hawksmoor, Hakkasan, Pho, Rosa’s Thai and D&D London
  • independent restaurants such as River Café, Chiltern Firehouse, Kiln and Sabor
  • food and drink companies like Unearthed, Jing Tea and Pasta Evangelists

Q. How much can we raise?

A. On average restaurants raise between £800 and £1,300, but some restaurants raise as much as £6,000. By working together, the campaign typically raises over £400,000.

Q. How will our donation help?

A. Action Against Hunger is committed to a world free from hunger. Your donations will support us in our fight against hunger, working in over 55 countries around the world.

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Q. My company isn’t a restaurant, can we still take part?

A. The campaign is open to all companies in the food and hospitality industry. You can take part by adding a £1 donation at checkouts or by making a donation on a product. Please get in touch with the team if you’d like to discuss.

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Q. How can I let customers know?

A. You can let your customers know you’re taking part in the campaign with the promotional materials provided by our team. This will include table cards and window stickers. We’ll also provide a digital marketing toolkit, so you can let your customers know through social media, email or your website.

Q. We’re not using paper materials in store, how can we tell customers?

A. It’s important the voluntary donation is communicated to customers at the point of payment. If table cards aren’t appropriate, then we can provide digital tools for mobile apps or to print on menus.

Q. How do my team know what to do?

A. Our team will support you with online and instore regular communications for employees to involve them in the campaign, including instructions on configuring ePOS systems to add the £1 donation.

Q. When will I receive campaign materials and resources?

A. Both in store materials and digital tools will arrive with you by the last week of August at the latest.

Q. When will we need to make the donation?

A. We hugely appreciate if you make your donation as soon as possible. The final deadline is Tuesday 30 November.

Q. How do we take part in World Food Day?

A. World Food Day is a day for collective action against hunger. Come together on 16th October with other Love Food Give Food partners and our chef ambassadors to raise awareness of the struggle many mothers around the world are facing to ensure their children grow up happy and healthy. You can do this by asking your head chef to share a recipe inspired by their mum or their childhood in a cooking demonstration on your Instagram channel. We’ll provide a full toolkit and instructions on how to take part to all Love Food Give Food partners in September.

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