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We work in 46 countries around the world to support people without access to essential food and healthcare. These numbers are rising because of the impacts of conflict, climate change, inequality and, now, Covid-19.

You can be part of a movement to end hunger for good.

In the UK, our campaigners urge the UK Government to support communities around the world to access nutritious, safe and affordable food and essential health services.

We work with the public and parliamentarians to make sure the UK government does its bit to tackle the causes of hunger.

That’s where supporters like you come in, by campaigning with us.




More than 15 million people across Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya are facing life-threatening hunger, half of whom are children. Yet, world leaders have been slow to respond. Without intervention, children will fall sick and waste away. The UK Government hold the power to stop this. Famine is preventable with fast and effective action. Vicky Ford, Minister for Africa, must act now to save lives. Will you?

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Sign to prevent life-threatening hungerBaby Fardosa with her mother in Ethiopia.

Sign to prevent life-threatening hunger

Over 45 million people are on the brink of famine across the world, but it doesn't have to be this way. Act now if you want fast and effective action to prevent life-threatening hunger.

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Act now to protect civilians in Ukraine and on the moveA girl cries wearing a mask in front of a Ukraine flag.

Act now to protect civilians in Ukraine and on the move

Now is the time for compassion and kindness for civilians caught up in conflict. Write to your MP to ask that the UK steps up to ensure both civilians in Ukraine and refugees are protected and that those arriving in the UK have safe passage.

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UK Aid: saving livesHalima walks around her home in an internally displaced people camp in Somalia. Halima recovered from life-threatening malnutrition thanks to the support of Action Against Hunger.

UK Aid: saving lives

The UK has led global efforts to reduce hunger and malnutrition around the world. But aid cuts could mean nearly 3 million of the mothers and their children on the frontline of hunger go without life-saving nutrition. UK Aid plays a vital role in supporting them.

Learn why UK Aid is so important

Putting pressure on politicians

After the failure of the UK Government to make a commitment to tackling malnutrition at the Nutrition for Growth Summit in December 2021, we put pressure on the Foreign Secretary to change the course of the malnutrition crisis.

By writing to Liz Truss, our campaigners helped achieve a pledge of £1.5 billion of UK Aid for nutrition that will save and improve lives.

Action Against Hunger tweet on 1.5 billion investment in nutrition by the UK Government

Aid cuts

We campaigned against aid cuts that risked life-saving treatment for children living in some of the world’s poorest places – often growing up in conflict. Our supporters wrote to their MPs in force, asking them to ensure brighter futures for hungry children around the world.

Parliamentary events

We organise parliamentary events, such as the launch of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Nutrition for Growth. We brought together speakers including Dr Asha Rose Migiro, the Tanzanian High Commissioner to the UK, and Andrew Murrison MP, former DfID minister, to discuss tackling malnutrition. Our chef ambassadors, Tom Hunt and Asma Khan catered the event and reminded guests the importance of healthy, nutritious food.

Action Against Hunger hosts the Nutrition for Growth All Party Parliamentary Group.

Yemen Can’t Wait

We took part in a cross-sector campaign to tackle the hunger crisis in Yemen. We joined a number of advocacy and humanitarian organisations in calling for the UK, as a permanent member of the security council, to stand up for the Yemeni people.

The campaign included social media takeovers, meetings with key decision-makers and events to draw the government’s attention to the crisis.

Mazen and his family benefit from the mobile clinic that visits his village in Abyan province, Yemen.

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