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We work in 46 countries around the world to support people without access to essential food and healthcare. These numbers are rising because of the impacts of conflict, climate change, inequality and, now, Covid-19.

You can be part of a movement to end hunger for good.

In the UK, our campaigners urge the UK government to support communities around the world to access nutritious, safe and affordable food and essential health services. We work to understand the reasons why hunger exists and then campaign to make sure the UK government does its bit to tackle the causes of hunger.

That is where supporters like you come in, by campaigning with us.

Write to your MPMohamed eats ready-to-use therapeutic food at an Action Against Hunger stabilisation centre in Mogadishu, Somalia.

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The government is proposing to cut UK Aid. This will be the largest cut to aid by any country, at any time. This is not who we are. Tell your MP you're proud of how UK Aid makes a difference.

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UK Aid: saving livesHalima walks around her home in an internally displaced people camp in Somalia. Halima recovered from life-threatening malnutrition thanks to the support of Action Against Hunger.

UK Aid: saving lives

The UK has led global efforts to reduce hunger and malnutrition around the world. Together we can show the UK government why UK Aid is so important to children’s futures.

Learn why UK Aid is so important
Write to Dominic Raab todayA girl eats ready-to-use therapeutic food in Mali.

Write to Dominic Raab today

Malnutrition will not wait for a pandemic. Because of Covid-19, hunger and malnutrition around the world are set to rise. Dominic Raab is in charge of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and decides how to spend UK Aid.

Urge Raab to commit to nutrition

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