Action Against Hunger responds to Syria refugee crisis


Half of Syria’s population, more than 6 million people, continue to be displaced within the country. More than five million are refugees in neighbouring countries.


Country Overview

The conflict in Syria is now in its seventh year and far from being resolved. The breakdown of general infrastructure (schools, hospitals, water supplies etc) and the ongoing violence has forced thousands to seek refuge in other areas of the country and neighbouring countries. More than 6.1 million people are displaced within the country and 5.6 million have fled to Iraqi Kurdistan, Lebanon and Jordan.

Many of the families who fled to refugee camps in neighbouring countries have experienced unimaginable trauma, particularly the children, so Action Against Hunger runs mental health care programmes, also referred to as ‘psychological first aid’, for women, men and children. 

Although the violence has reduced overall, in some areas such as Idlib and Eastern Ghouta continue to be ridden with conflict.

Many Syrians also fled to Lebanon, contributing to the 1.2 million refugee community since the Syria conflict began in 2011. Lebanon now hosts the largest number of refugees per capita in the world. More than 622,000 Syrian refugees have sought shelter in Jordan. The influx of refugees to Lebanon, Jordan and Iraqi Kurdistan has put immense strain on the countries' infrastructures. 

2.8 million people were displaced in 2017 alone and this conflict is ongoing.


People helped in 2016

What we are doing

Action Against Hunger has been present in Syria since 2008 with the primary aim being to support Iraqi refugees and vulnerable Syrian communities. Since the outbreak of the Syrian civil war in 2011, our teams have scaled up programmes to include:

  • Food distribution
  • Tool kit distribution
  • Agricultural and livestock projects
  • Installation of water supplies and latrines
  • Piloting a project using solar power to power water pumps
  • Hygiene programmes – education on the spread of diseases

Our 400-plus regional staff are working to meet the needs of families both displaced within Syria and those now sheltering in neighbouring Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon.   

With the heightened insecurity and increasingly indiscriminate violence, and the exodus of thousands of Syrian refugees into neighboring countries, the impact of this conflict has spread region-wide. Since 2013, our teams have been working with the host communities who have welcomed the Syrian refugees in Jordan, to ensure both communities’ needs are met.

In 2016, we helped 1,619,950 people gain access to clean water and supported 141,354 people become economically self-sufficient.


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