Intense conflict in Ukraine is threatening the lives and livelihoods of civilians across the country. Families have been separated. People have been injured. Lives have been lost.

Homes have been destroyed or are unsafe to live in. Critical infrastructure such as health facilities, water supplies and schools have also been damaged or destroyed.

At Ukraine’s borders with Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Moldova, huge numbers of people are arriving with only what they can carry. In many places there are long waits to cross and scant facilities waiting for them on the other side, with temperatures dropping below freezing overnight.

There have also been increasing media reports of racism against people of colour who are being refused access to relief, aid and the right to cross the border to safety.

DEC charities are in Ukraine and neighbouring countries meeting the needs of all refugees and displaced people.

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The crisis in Ukraine

  • 18M

    18 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance as a result of the conflict.

  • 10M

    10 million people – a quarter of the population – have fled their homes since the conflict began.

  • 1626

    Intense clashes have led to at least 1626 civilian deaths – with the real figure feared to be much higher.

How DEC member charities are responding

The most urgent needs in Ukraine and neighbouring countries right now are:

  • Food security: Members and their local partners will deliver food or provide cash.
  • Water, sanitation and hygiene: Given severe water shortages from the intense fighting, DEC member charities will prioritise providing water to hospitals to keep services running, set up waterpoints for affected communities to collect water and provide hygiene kits.
  • Health: Members and their local partners will provide support to the weakened healthcare system, including supporting hospitals with medicine and medical equipment and providing first aid to the injured.
  • Protection: This will focus on mental health support and psychological first aid.
  • Cold weather: Essential items will be provided to families fleeing their homes, including warm clothes, blankets and shoes.
A girl fleeing the conflict in Ukraine. DEC member charities are ready to respond.

Save lives today

More than two million people have fled their homes to escape conflict in Ukraine. Leaving behind jobs, belongings and loved ones, they need shelter, food and water.

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Photo credits: Michael Kappeler/dpa, Camelia Iordache/Salvati Copiii (Save the Children) Romania