In Yemen, Ibrahim and his village have a new water tank, provided by Action Against Hunger

The story of Suhad and Ibrahim: a family with hope in Yemen

In a small village in conflict-ridden Yemen, three year old Suhad and her uncle Ibrahim have come back from the brink

By Action Against Hunger

Aug 23 2016

"We were very worried, we thought she would die" 

Suhad is three years old. She lives in a small village that you won’t find on any map of Yemen. To reach it, you need to leave the main road just before the town of Haïs, and drive down a sandy track for 15 minutes. Down this road, you’ll find little except a few houses, all situated around a water tank installed by the Action Against Hunger team.

Sitting on the lap of her uncle Ibrahim, Suhad watches on as the adults talk about her. A year ago, Suhad had been very ill. Her parents were worried, but didn’t know what to do. After discussing their daughter’s ill health with their relatives, her parents heard about a place they could get her help. 

They headed to Action Against Hunger’s nutrition centre nearby, where Suhad instantly received treatment. Suffering from severe acute malnutrition, Suhad spent twelve days at the centre, her health recovering dramatically in this short space of time.

“At first we were worried she was dying. Then her condition improved and, after receiving treatment, she began to gain weight.  Now she can have a normal diet” her uncle Ibrahim says, relieved.

Suhad, 3, sits on her uncle Ibrahim's lap. She received treatment at Action Against Hunger's nutrition centre last year. Photo: Florian Seriex for Action Against Hunger

Water-borne diseases are a major cause of malnutrition

Ibrahim, who is director of the local school and local council member, also takes responsibility for helping to ensure the local water is used well.

“Twice a day, the 120 families who live in the village can come to get water- more than a hundred litres of water per family per day” he explains. 

The new 10,000L clean water tank, installed by Action Against Hunger. Photo: Florian Seriex for Action Against Hunger

Ibrahim looks over to the new tank Action Against Hunger have installed in the village fondly, with the old and broken tank the village previously used still stood next to it.

"There were holes in the old one which lost water, and there were many cases of malaria and diarrhoea in the village. Since we have the new tank, there is more water and almost everyone is able to satisfy their need. " 

Local boys from the village take a trip to the new water tank. Photo: Florian Seriex for Action Against Hunger 

In addition to installing the tank, Action Against Hunger have conducted an awareness campaign among the villagers, as well as in school, to emphasise the importance of the available clean water. Conflict in the area has left many cut off from their livelihoods, making it even more important that the village has support. 

"We are really grateful for all the work done by Action Against Hunger here," Ibrahim smiles, gladly holding onto the now healthy Suhad.


All photos: Florian Seriex for Action Against Hunger