Ella’s Kitchen are giving 27p from every pack of their iconic Red One smoothie to Action Against Hunger

This Pack gives Back! How Ella's Kitchen is Helping Children Around the World

Ella’s Kitchen are giving 27p from every pack of their Red One smoothie to Action Against Hunger

By Action Against Hunger

Apr 25 2019

Ella’s Kitchen is committed to improving children's lives through developing healthy relationships with food. We are incredibly proud that they chose to partner with us and join the fight against hunger.

You will have seen their products in the supermarkets, but have you noticed the ‘This Pack Gives Back’ sign on their limited edition Red One Smoothie? 27p from every pack sold goes to help children around the world who suffer from malnutrition. 27p is also the cost of the life-saving therapeutic food that a malnourished child receives as part of their treatment.

The initiative, which is part of Ella’s Kitchen’s trademark ‘This Pack Gives Back’ charity programme works to serve the brand’s mission of improving children’s lives through developing healthy relationships with food. This includes making sure no little one goes hungry.

We asked Mark Cuddigan, the CEO of Ella’s kitchen a few questions about why Ella’s Kitchen wanted to get involved.

Why did you decide to partner with Action Against Hunger?

In 2017, we were invited, along with sixty other purpose-driven business leaders, by the Innocent Foundation to a special talk on how their partnership pilot programme with Action Against Hunger was progressing.

We were massively inspired by Action Against Hunger’s new approach to prevent millions of little ones from dying of hunger in the next ten years, and we knew immediately that we wanted to be involved and support this incredible charity.

Why is this an important partnership for Ella’s Kitchen?

Ella’s Kitchen is a certified B Corp. It’s a wonderful community of companies taking small steps for a better world. We qualified in February 2016, which coincided with our 10th birthday. It felt like the perfect home for Ella’s, as we have always had a clearly defined mission – to improve children’s lives through developing healthy relationships with food. We also believed there was more to business than simply making money. We have a responsibility to all stakeholders, not just shareholders. Our work with Action Against Hunger is one way we can show how we are using our business as a force for good.

I also passionately believe that the companies that care about people and the planet have a duty to try and persuade other companies to follow the same path. We cannot wait for governments to take the lead. Business needs to step up and lead. The B Corp certification gives companies an incredible platform to do just that.

What are Ella’s Kitchen’s values?

At Ella’s Kitchen we have 5 core values - Be Childlike, Thinking Differently, Good to Each Other, Want to Win and Business Minded - which we live and breathe daily. We use these values to determine how we behave and interact with each other at Ella’s, but crucially, they also guide our behaviours with all of our partners too.

I decided to work at Ella’s Kitchen after meeting Paul Lindley and seeing for the first time in practice a company living and breathing a mission that was beyond just making money. It transformed my view of what business could and indeed should stand for.

What impact are you hoping to make?

We hope to raise a considerable sum for the charity; for every box of The Red One we sell, we will be donating one pouch of lifesaving food to children who need it. Overall, we hope to donate the equivalent of 240,000 pouches.

We also hope, like The Innocent Foundation, to raise awareness of Action Against Hunger, the amazing work they are doing and how other businesses can support them too.

Help save lives around the world by buying the Red One pack online. For every pack sold, a life-saving pack of Plumpy Nut, packed with vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins is provided  to a child suffering from malnutrition. 

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