Emergency water aid in Northern Iraq

Emergency water work in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

We provide people displaced by violence in Northern Iraq with urgently needed water.

By Action Against Hunger

Aug 17 2014

Thousands of people have fled to escape escalating violence in the Kurdistan region of IraqThousands of Syrian refugees are also sheltering there. Our emergency water, sanitation and hygiene coordinator, Daniel Ervin, explains how Action Against Hunger is working to provide families with access to clean water and latrines in a bid to improve challenging living conditions and prevent the outbreak of disease. 

With the support of partners, including funding from the UK Department of International Aid, Unicef and the World Food Programme, we are providing vital access to water, sanitation and hygiene support, training counsellors who are offering psychological support to those traumatised by their experience and distributing food supplies in the country.  

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Photo credits:  © Florian Seriex