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Somalia is facing a severe hunger crisis. Millions of children's lives are hanging in the balance in Somalia. Without help, they are at imminent risk of dying from life-threatening malnutrition.

Number of people we helped in 2015

Somalia is in a state of pre-famine. The country is experiencing both severe drought and violent conflict from armed groups, both of which are driving a widespread, dangerous food crisis. In 2011, when famine was officially declared under similar conditions, the world was too slow to respond and more than 250,000 people died.


"All the signs in recent months have warned us of imminent catastrophe. We need to act now. There is still time to prevent the worst for these families by deploying a large-scale response immediately," said Regional Director of Operations for Action Against Hunger, Hajir Maalim.


Today, 3 million people, one quarter of Somalia’s population, are experiencing acute food shortages at crisis or emergency levels, and malnutrition rates among children are high.

Nearly half of the population, 6.2 million people, require humanitarian assistance. The central government is struggling to guarantee a safety net and food assistance for vulnerable families. Newly elected President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed has declared the drought a national disaster.

Somalia is facing a severe drought in a context of persistent armed conflict and difficult access to basic services, causing an alarming deterioration in the food and nutrition situation of Somali families. 

Currently, there are already 363,000 children suffering from malnutrition, and nearly 6.2 million people - or 50% of the population - in need of humanitarian assistance.

These elements reminiscent of the beginnings of the 2011 famine that killed nearly 250,000 people.  


What we are doing

Action Against Hunger has been present in Somalia since 1992 and our teams are working in five offices across the country. Last year we helped over 177,000 people. 

We are providing emergency nutritional assistance, and water, hygiene and sanitation assistance, particularly through clean water distribution. Priority continues to be given to strengthening nutrition programmes for children under five and pregnant and lactating women.

We plan to multiply our efforts and cover wider areas to assist vulnerable populations closest to their homes and according to identified needs. We are ready to assist more than 200,000 people in the coming weeks.



  • Operating mobile nutrition clinics to diagnose and treat malnourished children
  • Providing emergency therapeutic treatment to malnourished children
  • Implementing health and nutrition awareness sessions



  • Providing emergency cash grants to enable meet families to meet their immediate needs for food and non-food items
  • Providing animal health services to help families who depend on livestock for their living keep animals healthy  



  • Providing access to water and sanitation by constructing public latrines and rehabilitating water sources
  • Promoting good hygiene practices


Famine looms in four countries
Famine looms in four countries

Children's lives at risk

Emergency in Nigeria, Somalia, Yemen and South Sudan

Photo credits: © Damien Guerchois

Last updated: 31/03/2017

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363,000 children
are suffering life-threatening malnutrition
6.2 million people
urgently need humanitarian assistance
1 in 4 Somalis
are experiencing acute food shortages