A girl carries another child in front of destroyed buildings in Gaza.


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About Action Against Hunger

Life-threatening hunger is predictable, preventable and treatable, so a world without it is possible. We tackle it where it hits and stop it. Whenever and wherever people need our help.

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More humanitarian aid needs to enter Gaza now to save lives. Your support matters more than ever.

Hunger Facts

Right now, almost one in ten people around the world don't have enough food to eat.


Nyamile holds a lily she's picked near her home in South Sudan.

Haiti, Mali, South Sudan, Sudan and the Occupied Palestinian Territories have the most hunger.

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Woman with frizzy hair celebrates winning the lottery.

Be in with a chance to win amazing cash prizes and help fight world hunger. All for just £1 a week.

ReportGlobal Impact Report

Our Global Impact Report is a snapshot of our global network's work in 2023. It features progress stories, case studies, and information on our work in each country.

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  • 56 countries

    We fight life-threatening hunger in 56 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

  • 21m

    Our life-saving programmes reached 21 million people around the world in 2023.

  • 47

    Last year, we responded to 47 emergencies in 34 countries.

Supplying aid to Rafah: overcoming the challenges

Food and fuel are in short supply. Costs are soaring. And a million people are facing starvation. Our Logistics Manager, JG, describes how we're getting aid to the people in Gaza who so desperately need it.

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Knowledge is power!

Tereza, Rosalyn and Rosina are reshaping their community's future and nourishing their families.

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