How we spent your money in 2018

Action Against Hunger UK's accounts are audited every year to ensure that we are effectively using the funds entrusted to us by our sponsors, supporters and donors.

Annual Report and Financial Statements

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Action Against Hunger UK's finances at a glance:

In 2018, 94p in every £1 went directly towards our charitable activities.

Our income in 2018 was £43 million.

How we raised the money:

How Action Against Hunger raised money in 2018

79%: Income from the Department for International Development
13%: Income from trusts, foundations, institutional donors and from our network partners
6%: Income from individuals and from our fundraising events
2%: Income from the food and hospitality industry and restaurants

How each £ was spent:

How Action Against Hunger UK spent our funds in 2018.

94%: was spent on charitable activities
1%: was spent on support costs
5%: was invested into raising the next pound to reach more malnourished children