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Over a year after the signing of the peace accords, 4.9 million people are still in desperate need of humanitarian aid in Colombia.


Country Overview

Despite the end of half a century of armed conflicts between the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) and the Colombian Government, the peacebuilding process is dragging, and the violence and displacements continue. Over a year after the signing of the peace accords, 4.9 million people are still in desperate need of humanitarian aid. The people of Colombia and the international community are slowly coming to the end of the most painful chapter in the country’s history. The conflict took 220,000 lives and displaced 7.3 million people, and whilst signs of hope are beginning to emerge, the country still faces enormous challenges.

Half a century of violence has made the peace process extremely complex, and the Colombian Government estimates it will take between ten to 15 years to establish stability. Both the Government and the people of Colombia will have to make considerable efforts to ensure that the development now visible in the country’s cities also feeds into the rural areas that have borne the brunt of the violence and conflict over the years. These areas lack basic infrastructure such as schools, hospitals and roads, as well as income-generating projects like market gardening and getting access to market economies in urban areas.


People helped in 2017

What we are doing

Active in Colombia since 1998, Action Against Hunger has worked with vulnerable communities displaced by conflict and political instability, as well as those affected by frequent natural disasters, such as recurring floods. Our role is to support the civilian population and work alongside the Colombian State to ensure the country’s future remains stable and peaceful. Thanks to our long-standing activities in nutrition and health, water, sanitation and hygiene, and longer-term food security have provided life-sustaining support for tens of thousands of Colombians faced with humanitarian challenges.

In 2017, we incorporated a peacebuilding approach into our work and responded quickly and efficiently to the emergency in Mocoa, where a landslide destroyed large parts of the town and in La Guajira where we are continuing to work on the nutritional crisis. In La Guajira and Santander, our teams are closely monitoring the humanitarian needs of Venezuelan migrants entering Colombia in search of work.

Our activities in Colombia include:

  • Emergency food distribution
  • Supplementary nutritional support for children
  • Installation of water supplies and latrines
  • Mental health support programmes
  • Training and technical assistance for rural health posts

Our teams are committed to continuing to assist Colombia’s vulnerable communities in their quest for improved nutrition and self-sufficiency.


Save lives in Colombia and around the world
Save lives in Colombia and around the world


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