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A migration crisis and ongoing armed conflict contine to impact poor communities in Colombia. 


Country Overview

Official data indicates the presence of more than one million Venezuelans living in Colombia, although according to some estimates the figure could be double this. 

Half of these migrants are living in areas characterised by having extreme poverty rates that are well above the national average and that lack access to basic services. 

Large groups of migrants are based in cities such as Bogota, living on the streets or in informal settlements with little access to services. 

Migrants passing through the country risk being victims of armed groups operating in the south.

People helped in 2018

What we are doing

Our work has focused on:

  • Providing urgent humanitarian response in the north of the country 
  • Monitoring nutrition levels
  • Providing cash, access to safe water and decent livelihoos for migrants and host communities
Save lives in Colombia and around the world
Save lives in Colombia and around the world


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