The region is under severe pressure due to the influx of Syrian refugees and Iraqi internally displaced persons.


In post-ISIS Iraq, thousands of Iraqi men, women and children remain internally displaced by conflict and crisis. 


As the Iraq crisis enters its fifth year, about 8.7 million are in need of humanitarian assistance, including displaced persons, returnees, host communities and Syrian refugees.

More than 31,000 homes have been destroyed, as well as hundreds of facilities and projects of commercial and public infrastructure. 

After the occupation of the Islamic State, the World Health Organization estimates that 35.5% of adults affected by the crisis have psychological disorders, marked by aggression, sadness, apathy, flashbacks, nightmares and hyperexcitation. 

In addition, 5.4 million people need water, sanitation and hygiene support, but only 2.4 million will benefit from this. 

people we helped in 2018


We have continued to support Syrian refugees, internally displaced people and host communities.

Our work focuses on: 

  • Food security and livelihoods programmes, including the distribution of rations and food coupons, money transfers, and vocational training
  • Water, sanitation and hygiene programmes
  • Mental health and infant care programmes, including emergency psychological support, women’s, men’s and children’s group sessions, individual follow-up, the establishment of baby spaces and training of mental health professionals
  • Nutrition and health projects supporting health centres and helping to set up community-level management for the treatment of under-nutrition 




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Photo credits: ©Lys Arango for Action Against Hunger

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