Action Against Hunger has been present in Egypt since 2015.


Inflation, unemployment and high food and fuel prices affect the most vulnerable.


Country Overview

Conditions in Egypt remain a concern. The high cost of food along with other factors such as inflation are significantly affecting the most vulnerable Egyptian families. 

Despite the difficulties facing our teams, ongoing projects have had a positive impact. Our programmes on livelihood, health and water have focused on improving the lives of those living in both rural and urban areas, as we also implemented them in Luxor and Cairo.


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What we are doing

Action Against Hunger has been working in Egypt since 2015 alongside the government and INGOs to support vulnerable Egyptian communites. The extremely high unemployment rates and levels of malnutrition remains the focus of our teams programmes to ensure children get screened and treated for malnutrition whilst also providing job opportunities in vulnerable communities. 

Our teams have implemented projects to increase income generation for the most vulnerable households through access to employment and entrepreneurship, focusing in particular on young people and women. We have also launched programmes to detect and prevent malnutrition, with special emphasis on children under five with worrying levels of anemia and chronic malnutrition.  

Our programmes in Egypt include:

  • Food security initiatives
  • Increasing access to clean water and sanitation
  • Screening and treatment for children with malnutrition


Action Against Hunger has been present in Egypt since 2015
Action Against Hunger has been present in Egypt since 2015


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