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Enhancing food security

Providing sustainable solutions to hunger

Enhancing food security

Empowering families to provide their children with good nutrition is a cornerstone of our work. This is why long-term solutions to child hunger must tackle its root causes: problems of access, production and income. By stopping children from becoming malnourished in the first place, we can prevent the risk of long-term health implications, and make a lasting change in their community so they can have a brighter, healthier future. 

Customised to meet a community’s specific needs, our programmes aim to bolster agricultural production, strengthen local markets, enhance access to sustainable sources of food, help families grow their own nutritious food, and allow families to earn an income at times of hardship.

What we do

Evaluating local needs
To understand the underlying causes of hunger in a specific area, we carry out comprehensive evaluations by collecting and analysing key data. Our teams meet directly with community members to better understand local conditions and create a collaborative plan of action.

Responding to emergencies
When disasters destroy infrastructure and food supplies, when violence forces thousands to flee, or when drought disrupts food production, we respond with distributions of food, cash, and other items to prevent hunger in the short-term and ensure that crops can be replanted and livestock restocked in the future.

Enhancing resilience 
Increasing families’ resilience to predictable external shocks, such as the period between harvests when food becomes scarce, is vital. We help families build resilience in the face of repeated hunger shocks by setting up family vegetable gardens, supporting farmers and launching cash-for-work schemes.

Providing long-term solutions
Designed in collaboration with local populations, our strategies are context-specific so that families can produce and access the range and quantity of food they need. Our activities include providing micro-grant support for families recovering from natural disaster, seeds and tools for agricultural recovery, livestock and veterinary services, small business assistance so families can earn an income, and other programmes that help families to provide their children with good nutrition for the long term.

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