Children take part in the Run Against Hunger challenge

Run Against Hunger

Raise awareness of the hunger crisis, get your class active and raise funds to support Action Against Hunger's work across the world.

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For over 20 years, schools across France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Peru, Colombia and the UK have taken part and fundraised to support our life-saving work.

Will your school be next to join the fight against hunger?

How does it work?

  1. Pupils aged three to 18 attend discussions to raise awareness about the global hunger problem and Action Against Hunger’s work. The pupils then act as ambassadors for the charity as they spread the word and look for sponsors who promise to support them for every lap they complete on race day.
  2. The school organises the run on any date that suits them. Pupils take part with their class and do their best to complete as many laps as they can in a given time. May is Run Against Hunger month, but if May doesn’t work for your school that isn’t a problem.
  3. Create your fundraising page easily! Adults can use Just Giving, while children and schools should opt for Superkind. Once your page is ready, spread the word among your pupils and their families. Encourage the children to actively participate in fundraising and make the most of this enjoyable day.

What support do you provide?

You can download all the resources and support you need on this page. From the Run Against Hunger passport to materials for the day, we’ve got everything you need.

If you’d like any extra support or have any question for our fundraising team, please feel free to get in touch.

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All you need for your Run Against Hunger event

Event coordinator guide

Your coordinator’s guide for the Run Against Hunger. Everything you need to know about planning, organising and running the school fundraising event.

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Run Against Hunger passport

This participants Run Against Hunger passport will help pupils to raise awareness of our charity and how their raise funds will benefit children around the world.

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This poster will help you publicise your Run Against Hunger event.

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Letter to parents

This letter will help you to communicate with pupil’s parents ahead of your Run Against Hunger event.

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Direction Arrows

Use these arrows to plot out your Run Against Hunger running course.

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Run Against Hunger printable logo

Use this printable logo to stick to students shirts ahead of the race day.

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Run Against Hunger printable logo 2

Use this second printable logo to stick to students shirts ahead of the race day.

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Kickstart your fundraising with SuperKind

SuperKind is the world's only fundraising platform that can legally be used by children under 15 and their schools. It puts all the power (& fun!) into the hands of children.

Join in now and set up your SuperKind fundraising page for Run Against Hunger.


Kickstart your fundraising on JustGiving

The first step on your journey is to setup your JustGiving fundraising page. This will allow your pupils to raise money digitally by asking friends and family to donate online towards your school's Run Against Hunger challenge.

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Our friendly team are happy to support you and answer any Run Against Hunger event questions you have.

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