Action Against Hunger helped four-year-old Rodrick to recover from malnutrition.

Fundraising resources

Take a look at some of our handy tips and guides to help kick start your fundraising.

However you decide to fundraise for us, we’ll support you every step of the way. We’ve put together some useful fundraising ideas, tips and packs to help you on your journey.

Fundraising pack Action Against Hunger bucket collectors

Action Against HungerFundraising pack

Download Action Against Hunger's main fundraising pack and get started with your fundraising today.

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Virtual fundraising ideas

2.6 virtual challenge pack

2.6 Challenge pack

We've put together some of our favourite 2.6 challenge ideas for you. Good luck!

Virtual challenge pack

Virtual Fundraising Pack

We're all spending more time indoors, we've got some great tips to keep your fundraising going.

Lockdown challenge pack

Lock down fundraising pack

We've got some ideas which will help you to fundraise, whilst staying safe and socially distant.

Steps against hunger

Step against hunger resources

Climb the elevation of your chosen challenge on your stairs over a set period of time.

Seasonal fundraising ideas

Halloween fundraising pack

Halloween fundraising pack

We've got some exciting ideas to set you up for your Halloween-themed fundraising.

Bonfire Night fundraising pack

Bonfire night fundraising pack

Bonfire Night is a great event for schools or universities to do some fundraising!

Valentine's Day fundraising pack

Valentines Day fundraising pack

From speed dating, to an 'anti' Valentine's Day dinner, we've got all the ideas to get you fundraising.

Summer fundraising pack

Summer fundraising pack

Fundraising during summer is a great way to enjoy time outdoors, alone or with friends.

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