The conflict in Ukraine is escalating.

We know that armed conflict is the number one driver of hunger. With war comes displacement, disruptions to local supply chains and soaring food prices. Families are driven into poverty and struggle to access food.

More and more families are likely to experience food shortages and hunger in the coming weeks. In fact, it’s estimated that at least 12 million people in Ukraine will need humanitarian assistance in 2022.

There is no time to lose, we must help. Donate now to our appeal to help people affected by the conflict.

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The crisis in Ukraine

  • 18 million

    At least 18 million people in Ukraine will need humanitarian assistance in 2022.

  • 10M

    10 million people – a quarter of the population – have fled their homes since the conflict began.

  • 1626

    Intense clashes have led to at least 1626 civilian deaths – with the real figures feared to be much higher.

What is Action Against Hunger doing?

Action Against Hunger is currently supporting Ukrainian refugees in Moldova, Poland and Romania.

In Moldova, we’re providing 7,000 hot meals a day to those who have just crossed the border. We’re also offering food parcels and hygiene kits.

In Poland, we’re working with local partners to meet the needs of those crossing the border at reception centres.

In Romania, we’re distributing food and hygiene kits as well as providing people with mental health support.

We have also set up an operational base in Lviv, western Ukraine, so we can start to make sure people still in the country affected by the conflict have access to the help they need.

Please note: your donation will support our emergency response in Ukraine. If we raise more money than we expected, any additional donations will support our Emergency Fund – and help support families facing hunger during other emergencies.

A woman in Ukraine.

Save lives today

We know that when armed conflict begins – hunger follows. We must ready ourselves to support the Ukrainian people as best we can. You can help.

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