How the cost of living crisis is affecting world hunger

The cost of living isn’t just affecting people in the UK. People around the world are facing the harsh reality of rising food prices. Children living in poverty will be experiencing the worst of it, where nutritious food is expensive and hard to come by. This means that malnutrition will continue to rise unless we do something now.

The cost of living shouldn’t be a child’s health. We can provide life-saving food for the same price are a cup of coffee in the morning.

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A boy is screened for malnutrition at an Action Against Hunger treatment centre in Mali.

We save the lives of malnourished children and support their families to beat hunger.

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Muk collects bag of rice at an Action Against Hunger distribution centre in Bangladesh.

Discover how your donation helps us support 28 million people in 55 countries.

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An Action Against Hunger health worker in Mali.

At all times, our aim is to save the lives of vulnerable people affected by hunger.