Conflict is the number one driver of hunger around the world.

Millions of people in places like Gaza, Ukraine and Sudan have been forced to leave their homes because of war.

We know that when armed conflict arises, hunger almost always follows. With war comes displacement, disruptions to local supply chains and soaring food prices. Humanitarian aid is blocked. Families are driven into poverty and struggle to access food.

How your monthly gift can help

For many of us, being forced to leave our home to escape violence is unimaginable. But it’s the reality for thousands of families around the world today.

Your monthly gift could help provide access to food, clean water, and money to buy much-needed items, from hygiene kits to cooking equipment.

You could also provide shelter and psychological support for people fleeing the horrors of armed conflict.

Monthly gifts will help support all areas of our work, wherever the need is greatest.

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The crisis in numbers

  • 4 in 5

    A staggering 80% of the global population facing famine or catastrophic levels of hunger are located in Gaza.

  • 80%

    The UN estimates that 80% of humanitarian funding is needed to help people affected by conflict.

  • 103M

    103 million people were forced to leave their homes because of conflict in 2022 – that’s more than the population of Germany and the Netherlands combined.

How do Action Against Hunger support people in conflict?

When action is needed to save lives, we’re there working to get the right food and support to communities at the right time. We’re responding to dozens of emergencies around the world, including:

  • reaching over 340,000 people in Gaza by distributing clean drinking water, food baskets and hygiene kits
  • supporting people affected by hunger in Ukraine as a result of the war, providing hot meals and emergency food packages
  • working with refugees who have fled Ukraine to surrounding countries – including Moldova, Poland and Romania – by distributing food packages and providing mental health support to those traumatised by what they’ve experienced and seen
  • helping war-torn communities in Yemen – one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises – by providing treatment for malnutrition, ensuring access to clean water and treatment for cholera
Gita, a girl supported by Action Against Hunger in Afghanistan.

Save lives today

Most people facing hunger and malnutrition in the world today can be found in countries affected by conflict. With war comes displacement, disruptions to local supply chains and soaring food prices. You can help.

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