In Kenya, thousands of children aren’t getting the food they need to grow up strong and healthy.

Mothers provide for their families as part of their daily household duties. Putting food on the table has always been tough here. But the climate crisis and unpredictable weather are making it impossible for many.

Families here rely on raising and selling their livestock and poultry for money to buy groceries at the market. But the lack of pasture to graze on means their animals are dying.

Without a source of income, how can you feed your children?

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How your gift can help

A donation today could help support mothers with the tools, skills and know-how to grow their own vegetables and save their little ones from life-threatening hunger.

We can’t do this work alone. We need you by our side to ensure no child lives a life of poverty, hunger and hardship. Or has their life cut short because they don’t have nutritious food to eat.

Thousands of children are experiencing life-threatening hunger right now. Left too long, this hunger will kill.

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Empowering Kenyan mothers to nourish their families

Through the power of mother-to-mother supports groups, Tereza, Rosalyn and Rosina are reshaping their community's future and nourishing their families.



  • 2.3M

    More than 2 million children die from malnutrition every year.

  • 75%

    Three-quarters of malnourished children under five don't get the treatment they need.

  • 1 in 10

    Globally 1 in 10 people around the world are undernourished or going hungry.

Who are Action Against Hunger?

Life-threatening hunger is predictable, preventable and treatable, so a world without it is possible.

We tackle it where it hits and stop it. Whenever and wherever people need our help.

More than that, we work to prevent it in the first place by leading research that will create a world free from hunger. Forever.

How do we do this?

  • We train parents and healthcare workers to spot the first signs of malnutrition.
  • We deliver life-saving care to people who need it.
  • We lead research to drive forward understanding of how to predict, prevent and treat life-threatening hunger.

Why your support matters

We won’t give up until the world is free from hunger, but many more children need our help.

With your support, we can:

  • ensure access to healthy, nutritious food
  • provide clean water, good hygiene and health services
  • train more community health workers to treat malnourished children
  • inform more families about how to stay healthy and prevent more children from dying
  • provide emergency support to families fleeing conflict

Life-saving treatments are cheaply available and extremely effective. Right now, children and babies need your help. Please donate today.

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Can you help mums grow nutritious vegetables to feed their hungry families?

In Kenya, thousands of children are not getting the food they need to grow up strong and healthy.


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About us

A boy is screened for malnutrition at an Action Against Hunger treatment centre in Mali.

We’re building a world where no one dies from hunger and malnutrition.

What we stand for

An Action Against Hunger health worker in Mali.

At all times, our aim is to save the lives of vulnerable people affected by hunger.