UK Strategic Plan 2021-2025

We have three ambitions over the next five years: save children's lives, provide expertise and evidence, and be an influential and trusted voice.

At our core, we respond to hunger crises.

This is Action Against Hunger’s starting point and where our expertise is grounded. Our strategy is to build from this core strength, continually broadening our technical capabilities on issues central to our mission.

We will use the growing recognition of our reliable and expert technical services to expand our offering and partner with more actors, funders and decision-makers in the fight against hunger.

Our increasing evidence-based knowledge and expertise gives us a powerful voice to engage the public and influence government to deliver more action on hunger.

A strong voice and a high profile will drive more support from individuals and partners as we seek to grow more diverse and sustainable income streams.


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Action Against Hunger's International Strategic Plan 2021-2025


International Strategic Plan 2021-2025

The International Strategic Plan provides a shared direction and framework for Action Against Hunger's crucial work over the next five years.