International Safeguarding Policy

This policy sets out Action Against Hunger’s commitment to protect everyone we come into contact with through our work, including children and at-risk adults.

Action Against Hunger has led the global fight against hunger for over 40 years in almost 50 countries. We save the lives of children and work with communities so they can see their children grow up strong and build better futures.

Working with communities in such humanitarian contexts, we recognise that our programmes and operations put our teams in contact with children and vulnerable adults who may be particularly at risk of harm or abuse.

Action Against Hunger has zero tolerance towards all forms of harm and abuse. We take concerns and complaints relating to safeguarding issues involving our staff, partners and suppliers very seriously. We will take action to vigorously investigate and manage any violations or alleged violations of this policy.


The purpose of this policy is to:

  • Outline the range of measures Action Against Hunger has put in place to protect anyone we come into contact with through our work, in particular children and vulnerable adults, from harm (including harm arising from the conduct of staff, partners and suppliers or from the design and implementation of our programmes and activities).
  • Ensure that our staff, partners and suppliers know and understand Action Against Hunger’s commitment to safeguarding and that they are skilled and confident in meeting their responsibilities under this policy.
  • Embed processes and procedures across the Action Against Hunger Network to prevent, manage and report safeguarding concerns in order to meet our commitments to our programme participants, donors, regulators and other stakeholders.
  • Make sure that people we come into contact with through our work are informed and aware of our safeguarding commitments and know and understand how they can report any safeguarding concerns relating to our work, staff, partners or suppliers.


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