International Annual Report 2017

The International Annual Report 2017 outlines Action Against Hunger’s key activities, reach and achievements in all the countries where we work.

The International Annual Report 2017 highlights the ways in which our country offices have contributed to achieving a world free from hunger. Our programmes focus on:

  • disaster risk reduction and management
  • mental health and care practices
  • water, sanitation and hygiene
  • food security and livelihoods
  • advocacy
  • nutrition and health

Our aims are framed by our theory of change, which is an overarching guide for achieving a world free from hunger. Areas of this include:

  • powerful and legitimate voice
  • transfer of our knowledge and expertise
  • operational capacity
  • technical expertise and innovation

This theory is change is based on the aims of our International Strategic Plan 2016-2020, which include:

  • mitigating the consequences of hunger
  • addressing the causes of hunger
  • changing the way hunger is viewed and addressed