Major Donors

By building a strong relationship with our donors we can combine our expertise in predicting, preventing and treating malnutrition with the support, reach and knowledge of our partners to create lasting change with some of the world’s most vulnerable communities.

As a valued supporter of our work, a dedicated member of staff will work with you to ensure you see the impact of your donation.

Whether you choose to support Action Against Hunger’s programmes all over the world with an unrestricted gift, support our emergency fund so we can respond quickly when disaster strikes or focus your support on a specific project, we will provide regular, personal updates, alongside the latest insights and innovations from the sector.

At bespoke events and briefings, you’ll also have the chance to hear from our organisation’s leaders and experts from our country programmes the impact your support is having within communities.

“We have always wanted to make a real impact with our donations. Action Against Hunger has given us the possibility in the past years of making a real, tangible difference, focusing on giving access to food and clean water to children. We are truly grateful for the amazing hard work and enthusiasm of all the people we have met at Action Against Hunger.”

Massi and Michela, individual donors

George Society

The George Society is named after a little boy called George. A little boy who made a big impression. George was treated in one of our treatment centres in Liberia, when he arrived he was suffering from severe malnutrition. He was starving, ill and close to death, however within a few weeks he was back to being a happy, funny three year old who gave forceful high fives.

It takes just six weeks to save a child from malnutrition and this engaging toddler George was proof of how quickly a life can be turned around.

The George Society has a single goal – to end child malnutrition. This may sound like a ridiculously ambitious goal. But it is happening. Since 1990, the proportion of malnourished children globally had been cut in half. It’s impressive but there is still a long way to go.
George represents the millions of children right now, suffering from malnutrition, who will go to bed hungry tonight.

Big goals need collective action, which is why we are bringing together a community of generous, committed individuals to help us reach more children and their families. We welcome the opportunity to discuss this further with you.

“George reminds us that problems caused by hunger can and must be fixed at an individual level. The Society offers us an insight into the vital work carried out by Action Against Hunger while still offering the individual focus – fix it for one child, repeat, and keep repeating until no child has to suffer the consequences of malnutrition.”

Paul Middlebrook, George Society member

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