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Corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility partnerships

Corporate social responsibility

As an organisation, Action Against Hunger is committed to acting in a socially responsible and transparent way. Eighty-four pence from every pound we raise goes directly towards our charitable activities and we regularly evaluate our projects and impact and share those results widely. We constantly seek to ensure the sustainability of our projects by addressing hunger at its roots by tackling its underlying causes and promoting local ownership of projects.

Equally, our focus is to build partnerships that are mutually beneficial, socially responsible and transparent. We can help your company fulfil your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives, whether these include stakeholder engagement, supply chain responsibilities or investing in communities in which you operate.

CSR is widely recognised as a fundamental part of business strategy which goes beyond corporate philanthropy to encompass customers, employees and wider stakeholders. A partnership with Action Against Hunger will fund our vital programmes to tackle child hunger and malnutrition across the globe while at the same time bringing your CSR objectives to life.


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