Communities in Haiti are facing breaking point after a devastating earthquake hit the country.

Thousands are in need of support in Haiti in the wake of the 7.2 magnitude earthquake on Saturday 14 August 2021.

The earthquake has tragically killed almost 2,000 people and injured countless others. Thousands of homes and buildings, including medical facilities, churches, and schools have been destroyed. Now, as the country deals with this latest disaster, they face a further threat of flooding and landslides as a result of Tropical Storm Grace.

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The crisis in Haiti

  • 1,940

    Almost 2,000 people have died as a result of the earthquake

  • 10,000

    The earthquake has injured up to 10,000 people in the country

  • 21.9%

    More than 20% of Haitian children under five suffer with malnutrition

The most urgent needs in Haiti right now

Action Against Hunger has been working in Haiti since 1985 and we’ve reached hundreds of thousand of people through our nutrition and health programmes.

Our teams are now ready to respond to this latest disaster. Right now, together with local authorities and partners, we’re carrying out rapid needs assessments in the areas most affected by the earthquake.

As part of our response, we will prioritise: 

  • access to clean water and safe sanitation to prevent disease outbreaks
  • shelter for families who have lost their homes as a result of the earthquake
  • nutrition, hygiene, and other supplies
  • mental health support

“Now is not the time for the world to turn its back on Haiti. We need partnership and support more than ever.”

Roseval Supreme, Action Against Hunger’s Country Director in Haiti

Haiti is highly vulnerable to natural disasters and has been hit by one crisis after another.

The Covid-19 pandemic has added further strain to an already limited health system and government measures, including the closing of borders, has contributed to inflation, unemployment and civil political unrest.

Four million people in Haiti are already struggling with rising hunger. Now, the country faces further strain as they deal with the catastrophic earthquake.

Please note: Your donation will go towards our Emergency Fund. Action Against Hunger has staff in countries around the world, including Haiti, so we’re ready to help whenever disaster strikes. Your donation could help us support people in Haiti and elsewhere to stay safe, healthy and to rebuild their lives.

Save lives todaychild receiving malnutrition treatment in Haiti

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Thousands of Haitians are facing the devastating effects of the latest earthquake.

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