Two violent earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria on Monday 6 February 2023. The outcome was devastating, with reports of over 45,000 deaths and thousands more people injured.

Families lost everything as the disaster destroyed homes and shattered countless lives.

The most vulnerable people have now been left without shelter, so we acted quickly.

An Action Against Hunger staff member analyses the damage after the earthquake in Syria.

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Our emergency teams worked flat out to get aid to affected communities in Turkey and Syria. A gift today can help make sure urgent, life-saving aid reaches communities as quickly as possible – here or around the world. Will you help?

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How are Action Against Hunger responding?

Our emergency teams  – including nutrition, clean water, and healthcare experts – are in Turkey and Syria right now. They’re working with our local partners to help people as quickly as possible.

As part of our emergency response, we:

  • gave people winter essentials (including jackets, blankets, heaters and sleeping bags), food baskets, hot meals, medical supplies and hygiene kits – all the basics they were without
  • provided urgent medical care
  • distributed emergency shelters so people have a safe place to stay
  • re-established clean water supplies to stop diseases like cholera spreading
  • set up mother-baby friendly spaces
  • provided mental health support and counselling
  • gave people cash so they can buy anything they need

By donating today, you will help us respond to emergencies and fight hunger around the world.

Put simply, you can be there for people when they need it most.

Please note:  Your donation will go towards our work around the world, and be used wherever the need is greatest.

Photo credit: © Elif Aysenur Bay / IHA Agency

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A boy is screened for malnutrition at an Action Against Hunger treatment centre in Mali.

We save the lives of malnourished children and support their families to beat hunger.

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An Action Against Hunger health worker in Mali.

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