Flash floods have washed away roads, homes and vital crops – leaving a trail of devastation.

We have teams in Pakistan right now, ready to help people affected by these devastating floods. But we don’t have the funding we need to reach all the families that need support. And to save lives.

Your donation today could help by:

  • providing emergency food and cash to people affected by the floods
  • rebuilding clean water supplies for communities – so they aren’t drinking dirty water
  • giving out emergency hygiene kits – with soap, mosquito nets and water purifying tablets – to stop waterborne diseases from spreading
  • offering immediate mental health supporting to those who are experiencing trauma and distress
  • funding livestock kits for farmers – with shelter, vaccines and medicine for animals – so they can continue to make a living
  • providing winter clothes – hats, quilts and  jumpers  – so families can keep warm as temperatures drop

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The crisis in Pakistan

  • 33M

    33 million Pakistanis – one in seven people – have been affected so far.

  • 1,033

    Over 1,000 people have died and at least 1,300 have been injured.

  • 1M

    One million homes have already been destroyed or damaged.

The situation in Pakistan

Since the start of the monsoon season in June, heavy rains have had a devastating impact across Pakistan. The rains have caused severe flash floods, resulting in widespread damage to homes, roads, bridges and even sweeping away entire villages. Millions of people have had to flee their homes.

The areas of Baluchistan and Sindh provinces – where Action Against Hunger work – have received five times their normal expected rainfall for this time of year. This has had a catastrophic impact on local people who rely on farming and their livestock to make a living. The floods have damaged 73% of the crops in the region and at least 700,000 livestock have died.

And with stagnant floodwaters, there’s also an increased risk of waterborne diseases such as diarrhoea and cholera.

As more rain is expected, the scale of destruction and damage will only increase even further.

Please donate today – and send urgent support to families in Pakistan. 

Children walk through the floods in Pakistan.

Save lives today

Millions of lives are at risk as devastating floods hit Pakistan.

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Photo credits: Islamic Relief (top image), Sami Malek/UNICEF (second image)