young child in refugee camp in Syria wearing a mask to protect against coronavirus

DEC Coronavirus Emergency Appeal

Millions of lives are at risk as Covid-19 hits refugee camps and conflict-scarred countries like Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen. 

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting nearly every person on the planet, in almost every country. Help families as they face a deadly new threat.

As lockdown measures slowly lift here in the UK, communities affected by conflict and hunger in Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen need your help.

People living in crowded camps and those with little access to medical care, nutritious food or clean water are especially vulnerable to coronavirus. We need your support to help keep families safe and to equip our medical staff so they can care for the vulnerable and sick. 

While the threat of the deadly virus looms, measures to stop the spread of the virus could lead to even greater levels of hunger as food and supplies become even harder to access.

If we act now to protect vulnerable refugees and people at risk of starvation in Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen, many lives can be saved.

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135 million
more people around the world could be pushed into a hunger crisis

We're well-placed to respond to this emergency, but we need your help.

DEC’s 14 member charities have been responding to the world’s worst humanitarian crises for decades, many of which involve refugees and displaced people. DEC member charities have extensive experience dealing with disease outbreaks such as cholera, Ebola, malaria and HIV/Aids.

This is how Action Against Hunger is responding to the crisis:

  • Somalia: We're supporting the only quarantine hospital in the capital, Mogadishu. We're also supporting the government's response with vehicles, emergency staff and contact tracing, as well as supplying testing kits and personal protective equipment.
  • South Sudan: We're raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of Covid-19 in rural communities to help prevent the spread of the virus. At our stabilisation centres, we've also installed handwashing stations and promoted social distancing. 
  • Yemen: Despite travel restrictions, our teams have continued their life-saving programmes treating children for malnutrition. In the health facilities and villages we support, we have taken steps to reduce coronavirus cases through awareness raising campaigns, installing handwashing stations and improving the water supply.  

People who have suffered so much need your help now more than ever to face this new threat.

Just £50 could provide essential hygiene kits to two displaced families.

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Please note all donations are restricted to Action Against Hunger's response to coronavirus in Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen. However, if there is a spike in cases in another country then funds may be allocated elsewhere.

Photo credit: Islamic Relief

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could provide six displaced families with enough soap for a month, to keep themselves clean and safe
could provide essential hygiene kits to two displaced families
could provide enough basic PPE for one frontline health worker for four months